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On 23rd May 2022 Amanda decided to re-organise this page so that you, her visitor, doesn't have to spend forever scrolling up and down. Most things are on their own pages now, so they are easier to find and it's just the bits that change most frequently that are still on this page. Just click on the link of the page you wanna go to and it'll take you right there. Thank you for your visit and maybe consider bookmarking this page so that you can quickly and easily return?

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Apparently cookies are used on each of my blogs so I need to let you know that they are used. That's literally all I know about them 'cos I personally haven't got a clue what they are or what they are used for and the only information I collect is on the Stories 4 Children site when you apply to be a member but I don't sell it to anyone. Ever. I'm not a spammer or even a small business owner, I'm just me - an individual with personal websites and blogs that you can see up there ^^.
You know as much as me now - the only information I store is your emails to me and anything above basic HTML and CSS I haven't got a clue about.

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News from around the world (updated most days)

I've literally just (5pm on 5th December 2020) found an awesome way to get news from around the world about studying and websites! Come back here regularly to see the stuff that I've found most interesting... they will prolly just be links to the full piece elsewhere on the interwebs but as soon as I find out the information, I'll put it below. I'm hoping it'll be a pretty much daily thing and I'm gonna leave these links up for few days at a time so that this page doesn't get too long and take forever to load so make sure you come back every day to catch up on all the latest links!

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22nd November 2023

How to delete my old blogspot blog?


UK transnational education to grow in response to world demand

Half of children under five living in ‘early education and childcare deserts’, says new report

As a working mom, my kids fell behind academically. I changed one major thing about how I parent and they started to excel.

Shaping the future of further education: delivering a stronger, greener, and fairer Wales

STEM education for girls: The path to equity

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If you wanna leave this site now, Amanda understands but hopes you've bookmarked this page? Just follow this link to get to Amanda's links and webring page. Amanda hopes to see you again soon!

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