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Courses on that Amanda wants to take:

Diploma in Educational Psychology (15-20 hrs)
Mental Health and Illness (2-3 hrs)
Study Skills (2-3 hrs)
Understanding Dyslexia (2-3 hrs)
HIV/AIDS - Awareness & Prevention (1-2 hrs)
Healthy Living (3-4 hrs)
An Introduction to Managing Safety and Health in Schools (2-3 hrs)
Behaviour-Based Safety (1-2 hrs)
Drug-Free Workplace (1-2 hrs)
Managing Health and Safety in Healthcare - Psychosocial Hazards (1-2 hrs)
ALISON ABC IT - Computer Training Suite (15-20 hrs)
Microsoft Digital Literacy - IT Basics, Internet & Productivity Programs (15-20 hrs)
Microsoft Digital Literacy - Computer Basics (3-4 hrs)
Microsoft Digital Literacy - The Internet and the World Wide Web (3-4 hrs)
Understanding Advanced Search using Google Search (2-3 hrs)
Microsoft Digital Literacy - Digital Lifestyles (3-4 hrs)
Fundamentals of Human-Computer Information Retrieval (1-2 hrs)
Understanding Information Theory (1-2 hrs)
Health Guidelines for Avoiding Infectious Diseases (1-2 hrs)
Modern Lifestyle Diseases: Awareness and Prevention (2-3 hrs)
Human Health - Health and Human Development (1-2 hrs)
Human Health - Global Health Issues (1-2 hrs)
Global Health Initiative: Diabetes Awareness (2-3 hrs)
Swine Flu - Causes, Effects and Treatment (1-2 hrs)
Introduction to Pharmacy Practice (1-2 hrs)
Exploring Google Apps (1-2 hrs)
Diploma in Social Work Studies (10-15 hrs)
Social Worker Skills and Practices (2-3 hrs)
Diploma in Community Development (10-15 hrs)
Good Practices in Social Work (2-3 hrs)
Delivering Community Development (2-3 hrs)
Introduction to Community Development (2-3 hrs)
Inclusion of Minorities in Community Development (2-3 hrs)
Introduction to Sociology and Social Life (3-4 hrs)
Sociology Studies - Social Inequality (3-4 hrs)
Diploma in Social Work Studies (10-15 hrs)
Diploma in Web Business Development and Marketing (10-15 hrs)
Google AdSense (1-2 hrs)
Google Analytics (1-2 hrs)
Preparing for the Google Analytics Individual Qualification Test (1-2 hrs)
Understanding Data Analysis and Reports in Google Analytics (1-2 hrs)
Advertising Your Business Online (2-3 hrs)

Courses on OpenLearn that Amanda wants to take:

Children and young people: food and food marketing
Entrepreneurship – from ideas to reality

Courses on New Skills Academy (you need to pay for these courses) that Amanda wants to take:

  • Sign Language Diploma

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