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Courses Amanda wants to take on...
Open Learn
New Skills Academy

Courses on that Amanda wants to take:

Achieving Personal Success (1-2 hrs)
Diploma in Soft Skill Development (10-15 hrs)
Mental Health Issues (4-5 hrs)
Diploma in Human Behaviour (15-20 hrs)
Writing for Young Readers (5-6 hrs)
Depression: Myths and Causes (2-3 hrs)
Gender Discrimination in the Workplace (3-4 hrs)
Goal Setting Mastery (1.5-3 hrs)
Copywriting for Conversions: How to Write Persuasive Content (1.5-3 hrs)
English Writing Skills (1.5-3 hrs)
Writing for Young Readers (5-6 hrs)
Diploma in Effective Writing Skills (10-15 hrs)

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Courses on OpenLearn that Amanda wants to take:

Children and young people: food and food marketing (Advanced, 8hrs)
Entrepreneurship – from ideas to reality (Intermediate, 24hrs)
Accessibility of eLearning (Advanced 15hrs)
Active, healthy lifestyles (Beginner 10hrs)
The boundaries of care (Beginner 4hrs)
Care relationships (Beginner 8hrs)
Care transactions (Intermediate 1hr)
Caring for adults (Beginner 15hrs)
Caring in hospitals (Beginner 8hrs)
Challenging ideas in mental health (Intermediate 18hrs)
Challenging the biomedical model of childbirth (Beginner 5hrs)
Children's participation (Advanced 12hrs)
Coping in isolation: Time to Think (Beginner 6hrs)
Death and medicine: Postponement and promise (Intermediate 1hr)
Developing career resilience (Beginner 24hrs)
Diversity and difference in communication (Beginner 16hrs)
Eating to win: activity, diet and weight control (Beginner 6hrs)
Effective ways of displaying information (Beginner 6hrs)
Emotions and emotional disorders (Intermediate 6hrs)
Exercise and mental health (Intermediate 2hrs)
Exploring anxiety (Advanced 9hrs)
Exploring depression (Advanced 7hrs)
Exploring family health (Beginner 8hrs)
Exploring health: is your lifestyle really to blame? (Intermediate 4hrs)
Exploring issues in women's health (Intermediate 3hrs)
Exploring learning disabilities: supporting belonging (Beginner 24hrs)
Exploring the relationship between anxiety and depression (Advanced 3hrs)
The family at the centre of early learning (Beginner 9hrs)
Health is everywhere: Unravelling the mystery of health (Intermediate 6hrs)
Homelessness and need (Intermediate 1hr)
The impact of technology on children's physical activity (Beginner 6hrs)
An introduction to death, dying and grief (Intermediate 7hrs)
An introduction to social work (Beginner 15hrs)
Investigating psychology (Intermediate 3hrs)
Key skills - making a difference (Intermediate 40hrs)
Life stories (Beginner 4hrs)
Living psychology: animal minds (Intermediate 12 hrs)
Lottery of birth (Beginner 12hrs)
Making decisions (Advanced 4hrs)
Making sense of mental health problems (Intermediate 10hrs)
Making sense of ourselves (Intermediate 4hrs)
Managing relationships (Advanced 4hrs)
Meeting minority needs (Intermediate 1hr)
Motivation and factors affecting motivation (Beginner 5hrs)
Obesity: Balanced diets and treatment (Intermediate 15hrs)
Panic attacks: what they are and what to do about them (Intermediate 3hrs)
Reading and note taking – preparation for study (Beginner 12hrs)
Supporting children and young people's wellbeing (Intermediate 7hrs)
Sure, I know how to talk to people! (Beginner 4hrs)
Understanding and managing risk (Advanced 20hrs)
Working in diverse teams (Beginner 24hrs)
Working in groups and teams (Advanced 8hrs)
Accessibility of eLearning (Advanced 15hrs)
Assistive technologies and online learning (Advanced 8hrs)
Attention (Advanced 10hrs)
Building confidence in using online learning forums (Beginner 8hrs)
Careers education and guidance (Intermediate 8hrs)
Children’s experiences with digital technologies (Intermediate 8hrs)
Conversations and interviews (Intermediate 5hrs)
Creative writing and critical reading (Advanced 8hrs)
Developing career resilience (Beginner 24hrs)
Developing good academic practice (Intermediate 5hrs)
Digital skills: succeeding in a digital world (Beginner 24hrs)
Discovering disorder: young people and delinquency (Beginner 8hrs)
Diversity and difference in communication (Beginner 16hrs)
Emotion: An introductory picture (Advanced 20hrs)
Engaging with educational research (Advanced 12hrs)
English grammar in context (Advanced 15hrs)
Enhancing pupil learning on museum visits (Intermediate 4hrs)
Evaluating school classroom discussion (Advanced 9hrs)
Exploring learning disabilities: supporting belonging (Beginner 24hrs)
Global perspectives on primary education (Intermediate 9hrs)
Grammar matters (Advanced 8hrs)
Groups and teamwork (Intermediate 20hrs)
How arguments are constructed and used in the Social Sciences (Intermediate 1hr)
How teams work (Advanced 10hrs)
How to be a critical reader (Intermediate 7hrs)
Inclusive education: Knowing what we mean (Advanced 8hrs)
Introducing consciousness (Advanced 20hrs)
An introduction to Open Educational Resources (OER) (Advanced 6hrs)
Involving the family in supporting pupils' literacy learning (Advanced 10hrs)
Listening to young children: supporting transition (Intermediate 5hrs)
Open education (Advanced 40hrs)
Parents as partners (Beginner 16hrs)
Primary education: listening and observing (Beginner 24hrs)
Primary science: supporting children’s learning (Intermediate 8hrs)
Religious diversity: rethinking religion (Intermediate 12hrs)
Young lives: is now a good time to be young? (Intermediate 6hrs)
Children and violence: An introductory, international and interdisciplinary approach (Intermediate 20hrs)
Engendering citizenship (Intermediate 1hr)
Human rights and law (Beginner 20hrs)
Identity in question (Beginner 12hrs)
Note taking in relation to the Social Sciences (Intermediate 1hr)
Race, ethnicity and crime (Advanced 1hr)
Reading and note taking – preparation for study (Beginner 12hrs)
Reading evidence (Beginner 12hrs)
Remaking the relations of work and welfare (Advanced 10hrs)
Sexuality, parenthood and population (Advanced 10hrs)
Using voluntary work to get ahead in the job market (Beginner 12hrs)
The value of coffee (Beginner 3hrs)
Welfare reconstruction (Intermediate 1hr)

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Courses on New Skills Academy (you need to pay for these courses) that Amanda wants to take:

Meditation Certificate (4 modules, 3hrs, video)
Termination of Employment Certificate (4 modules, 2.5hrs, video)
Absence Management Certificate (5 modules, 3hrs, video)
Communication Skills Certificate (5 modules, 10hrs)
Creating a Marketing Plan Certificate (5 modules, 0.5hrs, video)
Buying and Selling Online Certificate (10 modules, 12hrs)
Content Creation Certificate (4 modules, 2.5hrs, video)
Animal Reiki Certificate (4 modules, 2.5hrs)
Introduction to Maths Certificate (3 modules, 2hrs)
International Massage Diploma (19 modules, 20hrs)
Health and Social Care Certificate (19 modules, 22hrs)
What Can You Trust Certificate (3 modules, 1.75hrs, video)
Prevent Duty Certificate (4 modules, 2.75hrs, video)
Diets Explained — Facts, Trends and Myths (5 modules, 2.5hrs, video)
Managing People Certificate (3 modules, 2 hrs, video)
First Aid Appointed Person Certificate (2 modules, 1.5hrs, video)
Mindfulness Diploma (9 modules, 10hrs)
Interpersonal Skills Certificate (3 modules, 2hrs, video)
Bipolar Awareness Certificate (4 modules, 3hrs, video)
Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards Certificate (3 modules, 1.75hrs, video)
Health and Safety for Homeworkers Certificate (3 modules, 1.75hrs, video)
Introduction to Social Media Careers Certificate (2 modules, 1.5hrs. video)
Safeguarding Adults Certificate (5 modules, 2.5hrs, video)
Modern Slavery Awareness Certificate (4 modules, 2.5hrs, video)
Staying Safe Online Certificate (2 modules, 1.25hrs, video)
Understanding the PAYE System Certificate (4 modules 0.5hrs, video)
Risk Assessment in the Workplace Certificate (5 modules, 1hr, video)
Health and Safety Basics and Essentials Certificate (3 modules, 1.75hrs, video)
Emergency First Aid in The Workplace Certificate (10 modules, 6hrs, video)
Professional Aromatherapy Certificate (8 modules, 3hrs)
Trauma Awareness Certificate (5 modules, 5hrs, video)
Eat to Gain Certificate (5 modules, 4hrs, video)
Website Development for Beginners Certificate (10 modules, 12hrs)
IT Level 2 Certificate (1 module, 0.75hrs, video)
Paediatric First Aid Certificate (5 modules, 4hrs, video)
Introduction to Childcare Certificate (8 modules, 6hrs, video)
Promoting Positive Behaviour Certificate (4 modules 2.5hrs, video)
Improving School Attendance Certificate (4 modules, 2.5hrs, video)
The Dangers of Texting While Walking Certificate (5 modules, 3hrs, video)
Mobile Phones and Driving Certificate (5 modules, 3hrs, video)
PPE Awareness Certificate (4 modules, 3hrs, video)
Dangers of Sleep Deprivation Certificate (4 modules, 3hrs, video)
Carbon Monoxide Awareness Certificate (4 modules, 3hrs, video)
Lower Back Pain Certificate (5 modules, 4hrs, video)
Rational Decision Making Certificate (4 modules, 2.5hrs, video)
Professional Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Counselling Certificate (8 modules, 6hrs, video)
Professional Psychotherapy Certificate (7 modules, 3.5hrs, video)
Easy and Achievable Weight Loss Certificate (9 modules, 3.5hrs, video)
7 Simple Steps to Add Excitement to Your Lifestyle Certificate (4 modules, 3hrs)
How to be a Personal Shopper Certificate (4 modules, 3hrs)
Introduction to Life Hacks Certificate (4 modules, 3hrs)
Learn to Communicate with Animals and Nature Certificate (4 modules, 3hrs)
Nutrition and Weight Management Certificate (5 modules, 3hrs)
Introduction to Success Habits Certificate (1 module)
Introduction to The Power of the Mind Certificate (1 module)
Stress Management in the Workplace Certificate (6 modules)
Learning Impressive Telephone Techniques Certificate (5 modules)
How to Programme Your Mind for Success Certificate (1 module)
Improve Your Social Skills Certificate (1 module)

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