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Statements of particicipation for Amanda's beginner studies:


Information literacy English: skills for learning
First steps into Higher Education Succeed with learning
Am I ready to be a distance learner? Am I ready to study in English?
Get started with online learning Start writing fiction
Start writing fiction: characters and stories Learning how to learn
Summarising text Nutrition: vitamins and minerals
Introduction to child psychology Extending and developing your thinking skills
Learning to learn: You and your learning Using a computer for study
Information on the web Managing my money
Understanding children: Babies being heard Understanding society: Families
Caring: A Family Affair Life stories
The meaning of home The role of diagnosis in counselling and psychotherapy
Web guide Starting with psychology
Children’s perspectives on play The range of work with young people
Teaching assistants: support in action Childhood in the digital age
The family at the centre of early learning Living with the internet: learning online
Introducing philosophy Living with the Internet: Online shopping
Introducing ICT systems Living with the internet: Keeping it safe
ICTs in everyday life English in the world today
Encouraging book talk in the school library Learning, thinking and doing
The world of the primary school Professional relationships with young people
Working with young people: Roles and responsibilities The importance of interpersonal skills
Internet of everything Living with death and dying
Writing what you know Digital literacy: succeeding in a digital world
Early years team work and leadership Introduction to cyber security: stay safe online
Introducing the voluntary sector Creating open educational resources
What is good writing? Essay and report writing skills
Revision and examinations Social care in the community
Psychological research, obedience and ethics